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The Final Cut Pro User Group Belgium is a nice community of Audiovisual professionals, students, and enthusiasts, focused on Post Production but other stuff too ! Our mission is to bring belgian creative people together in discussions, collaborations, and learning opportunities.

In the past we focused strongly on Final Cut Pro - but nowadays we cover all different things on our website without a strong focus even more. As we are all familiar with dating, love and relationships, we want to try to give some kind of eductation in this direction on our site. Please comment or write us an email how you like our perception of this topic.

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How to approach women in everyday life without racking your brains

Out of nowhere, a woman passes you who takes your breath away, and while you are dumbfounded, you also feel challenged, because you would like to get to know her. But how to approach her?

Granted that it is not always easy to approach a woman you have never met before and who is on her way from A to B, however, the rule applies: Don?t worry about having a clever approach, just go for it.

Sounds too easy? Heads up?

Men are often provided with strategies and word by word scripts describing the steps to approaching a woman, but what they do not know is that they usually shoot themselves in the foot if they follow these strategies instead of helping themselves.

If a man stops a woman on the street to ask her for directions to the train station just to have an excuse to talk to her, and then changes the subject by asking her for her phone number, then he has consider the kind of impression this makes on the woman: That he suddenly realized that he finds her attractive while they are talking and that he wants to get to know her? Probably not.

Why not be honest and authentic, and have one single condition?

What is that condition? Indifference.

If a man does not care what the woman or others think of him, then he can act the way he wants to und stop women on the street who he finds attractive and get right to it. This is often the optimal solution, especially in situations in which there is no time for a conversation because you are sending the woman exactly one signal? self-confidence ? and that is extremely attractive to women.

Nevertheless, there are a few small rules, just to make sure that the approach is successful and that you do not constantly bang your head against a wall. Generally speaking though, the less you think about it, the more authentic you will act, and the better the result. And if you are already concerned about approaching a woman and if you either walk up to her all uptight or do not approach her at all, then you can learn how to do it properly by registering for the free e-mail course online at Seduce with Personality where you will learn quickly how authentic men handle these situations.

Showing a woman you're interested, but how much of that is good and what will backfire?

If you're interested in a woman, then you'll keep asking yourself the questions if and how you should show her. Should you tell her how you feel? Should you tell her what you want from her? Or should you rather stay mysterious and not express it?

Many men become sensitive and choose the direct option at the mere sight of their love interest, which in many cases may sound like this:

  • "I think I've fallen in love with you."
  • "I can imagine something more with you."
  • "I think you and I would make a good couple."

But unfortunately, the direct option is not always the best one, especially not when a man demonstrates his weakness to a woman. Weakness, in this connection, means that the man is ready to give up his life to reach this woman. Every behavior that gives a woman this message is a no-go and should be avoided.

However, the option to not show her and never talk about it out loud, also has its pitfalls. Admittedly, it makes the man seem mysterious and interesting if a woman doesn't know where she stands with him. However, if it goes too far, it will make her lose interest because she would think that she doesn't stand a chance or perhaps she would think that he's too lame.

So what's the better alternative?

Showing a woman that you're interested in her can be tremendously positive and even increase the woman's interest in a man. However, you have to consider certain things thereby.

If man and woman are having a conversation, and a certain attraction arises, then a statement such as "Please tell me, you have a boyfriend", is something that can increase this attraction even further and still show that the man is interested in the woman.

If a man shows interest in a woman, it's important that he doesn't present himself as submissive or even weak because that is one of the main criteria for women when they are trying to find the right man. So if you have problems getting the most out of women, then let this be taught to you know. Simply visit www.seducewithpersonality.com and register directly to their free Email class in which you will learn that and much more about being successful when it comes to women today. This ressource is so great!

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